The program writes weapon cards with all info needed for gaming use, so that you don’t need to look anything up from the rules.

Your character info has to be written into a file called me2.dat that contains the following lines:

Strength, 7
Dexterity, 7


Just replace your characters numbers with the values in the file and save it.

Output will define what is shown after you run then program.

1 = same as before
2 = as 1, but with additional description of the weapon
3= as 2, but with explicit rules how the weapon is used in game.

After that run MGT2 weapon.exe once. This will generate a file named weapons.doc

Open that file with Word. On the first view it will look a bit chaotic, because Word doesn’t know how to format it correctly. There will be a pop up list with country codes. Type “P” and choose “Portugese”. Now the output will make sense.

You can use 2 fonts,  Consolas and Courier New. Consolas looks best in 11 DPI, Courier in 10 DPI. Weapons

Reading the charts:
Upper row Damage, Weapon description, Auto Fire values, then a row with ammunition, the dark bullets show auto fire usage.

In case the weapon can autofire, all needed data are in the upper right corner, burst damage, ammo consumption burst / full auto rounds.

The middle line shows ammo and all traits, with explanation.

The lowest block show the 4 ranges with the to hit values. In case the weapon has a scope (or can be equipped with a scope) a second to hit roll (with a S) is shown (which is valid after 1 turn aiming through the scope).